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“I ran away when I was about sixteen. I’d had enough…I hated the lot of them: my parents with their pure-blood mania, convinced that to be a Black made you practically royal…my idiot brother, soft enough to believe them…They thought Voldemort had the right idea, they were all for the purification of the wizarding race, getting rid of Muggle-borns and having pure-bloods in charge.”

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I’m really into the story line and I’ve read all the [Ed] Brubaker stuff, so now I’m really going in and going, ‘Okay, this is cool. Wow, I’m lucky this is the character I ended up with.”

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This picture actually causes me physical pain whenever I see it

That’s okay. Just tear my heart into tiny pieces. Not like I needed it anyway. I’m perfectly fine without it. 

oh thats fine i didn’t need to be happy today

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You Can’t Be a Princess” | Journalists from ABC’s “What Would You Do?” planted hidden cameras in a Halloween store and filmed shoppers’ reactions to a boy who wanted a princess costume and a girl who wanted a Spider-man costume.

uuuuuuuuRRRrrrrrrrrrrughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh grumble grumble

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is it just me, or did anyone else have an INSANE amount of feels at this moment? it’s just from this angle, tenzin looks like aang and all of a sudden all i could think of was aang sitting like this with one of his kids, giving the exact same sort of inspiration, or maybe just sitting with them because they’re tired or frustrated or scared. i just can’t help but feel like aang told tenzin the same thing about his fears, and that’s what tenzin is passing on to korra now.

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Sirens Cast Interview: Richard Madden’s Uncontrollable Giggles